Friday, November 19, 2021



I can't imagine I'm the first person to stumble on this wordplay, but the flavor combo is truly delightful. Takoyaki with octopus of course, in a taco with pico de gallo, cheese, mayo and sauce on top. 


Doc said...

Now I want Fish Tacoyakis

Ken Albala said...

that sounds great!

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Max Tsivourakis said...

Dear Ken,

I stumbled upon your blog when going through an endless stream of Wikipedia articles on different food topics. After reading on prune kernel oil I jumped to the page on plums, where it was written that "according to Ken Albala, plums originated in Iran". What a lucky finding that was, because your blog is extremely enjoyable to read from a foodie's perspective; informative, funny, and eloquent. You've got a new fan in me. Greetings from a food science student from the Netherlands!

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