Monday, February 7, 2022

Macaron Tartare avec creme de raifort et roquette

 My first shot at macaron and a bit lumpy, no smooth top and no "legs" but they taste very good, with raspberry jam everyone ate them happily. But mine I filled with this chopped filet mignon. It has very little flavor when cooked as a steak, only softness. But that makes it ideal for eating raw. 

The sweet almond flavor of the macaron with meat makes me think of medieval flavor combinations, and if there had been a little spice to it, definitely so. As it was, the compliment of the bitter green and pungent horseradish went perfectly. 


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Andrew Martin said...

Ken -- this post reminded me of how I first learned about the Medieval fondness for almonds, from that old blancmange recipe! The modern nutrition enthusiast and"physical culturist" in me wants to devour as much almond as possible. (Even in Amaretto, DiSarrano, or marzipan...) Pairing it with fine raw beef sounds like decadence but if you ate only that for two weeks you would have rock-hard abs and the strength of a young man. Col. Bryant noted the California Battalion marched from Sonoma to Santa Barbara on no rations of any kind except ten pounds of (Longhorn) beef per man per day, and showed no ill effects at all. Putting them in a macaron hamburger, is genius.

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