Monday, April 6, 2020

Purple Haze Jello

The world is a different place since I last posted. I have been making jello nonetheless. This is a mung bean noodle laced with purple butterfly pea flower. A ratio of 1 tsp to a cup of starch. Boiling water was added to make a dough, then that was extruded into a pot of boiling water to make noodles. Those were set in a combination or rum, lime juice and gelatin, turned out and then garnished with mango slices and smoked paprika. We need something sunny now, right? 


Andrew Martin said...

Dammit yes we needed something sunny now, and this is just the ticket! I haven't smiled all day until now. It's the electric purple that sells it. Mung bean, must be quite sweet, no?

Andrew Martin said...

...AND, the paprika mangoes look divine. I read that mangoes may have a salutary co-effect on THC absorption with medicinal MaryJane.

Jamie Levy Emerine said...

I took your food in history class (2001?)... still one of my all time favorites

Katherine Pfeiffer said...

Watching your show on Amazon Prime. Had to look you up. As a point of note, my biological grandmother and grandfather met at UOP. Longer story... Thank you for your work!
Katherine from Alaska

Sonam Sharma said...

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