Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Bronze Beast or Troccolaturo

I really adore this new device, but I will admit it scares the crap out of me too. It weighs a ton and the ridges are quite sharp. I would definitely not use it without shoes.

Nonetheless, it works much better than the wooden versions. Simply roll with pressure over a sheet of dough and it cuts beautiful even noodles. They might need to be separated by hand, but otherwise very efficient.

I have made two noodle types with it. Here is a classic durum and white flour in 50/50 proportion, one cup worth and one egg. It makes a perfect large serving for one (my breakfast). I also made another with oat, rye, chestnut, buckweat (all 10%) and 50% all purpose flour. Rolled and cut the same way, also with excellent effect. I think it may be the easiest way to cut noodles quickly, without needing to set up a crack or machine. At 4 AM I did the latter batch this morning in about 10 minutes start to finish, in a state of zen concentration. (And half asleep!)


Ken Albala said...

Go to my facebook page and look at the comments, there's a link to the Italian site. It wasn't expensive at all.

Unknown said...

I must try this, up until now I just use the wooden types which do work but do not cut as well we I would like.

Anonymous said...

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