Friday, November 9, 2012

Maple Pecans and Rye

Could anyone have guessed that I am writing a book about nuts right now? I guess no one knew but the publisher. Not even me, until I was reminded! But it's almost done and will go into Reaktion's Edible Series (with my pancake book). I've begun to test and photograph recipes. This one is so good I have to share it, as a little foretaste. Take pecans and heat them in a nonstick pan until fragrant. Sprinkle on some powdered cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper and a dash of salt. Now while stirring constantly sprinkle on maple sugar. It will melt very quickly and stick to the nuts. Keep stirring until they are nicely coated. Remove from the pan and let cool thoroughly. They are so crunchy, so intriguingly sweet and spicy and salty. Consume with some good strong Redemption Rye, straight. Languish.


Elise Fleming/Alys K. said...

How does one get or make maple sugar??

Ken Albala said...

Hey Elise. You can buy it on amazon, or they sell it at Trader Joes and I'm sure Whole Foods too. It suddenly has become quite easy to find. And any health food store will cappy it. I use it to cure salami too.

Rebekah209 said...

Those sound incredible...might have to try making them. I'm pretty sure I have some pecans in the freezer. How long do nuts last in the freezer?