Wednesday, August 7, 2019

BTL in a Martini. Or BLTini.

Sometimes the world is strange and surprising. I posted this BLT in a Martini yesterday and shared it a few places. The number of responses on my page has been extraordinary, and over 500 shares weirdly, but why 1200 likes as of now in an aspic group? Has the algorithm changed? Are people paying attention to the nonsense I post? And why are there such violent protests of love and hate? Why would someone take the time to say how disgusting they think this is? It's just cured pork belly (bacon) lettuce and tomato set in a gin and vermouth gelatin with a touch of sugar. How could this be offensive? What weird chord has this struck?? The next book must be pitched now. The New Age of Aspics. Cecelia Watson says she will write it with me!

UPDATE: First time ever someone has stolen my image and passed it off as their own. And first time someone violently cursed at me because of my post. It was on my own personal page! What the hell was that idiot doing there in the first place. Obviously blocked. The numbers are still rising. 1500 shares??!! But still I have no idea why!

Another update. Not sure what going viral actually means, but over 3,200 shares the last I looked!


Lynn McKee said...

Any chance you would share the recipe ? Would be a very unique item to serve at a cocktail party

Ken Albala said...

Lynn, There's really no recipe. Follow the directions on the knox package. Just double the amount of gelatin and use a martini instead of juice. Pour it over any ingredient stacked in a milk carton until set. Then remove the carton and slice.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's as strange as the donuts with sugar-and-bacon glaze. (IMHO, neither bacon nor donuts should be mistreated that way.)

Andrew Martin said...

This is heaven -- finally somebody cooks something I can eat. This tops the Ham Shake.... I can't imagine a better cold lunch.
XO Andrew