Sunday, February 17, 2019

Taillevent's Tourte Parmerienne or Parma Pie

I needed to test this once again in preparation for this summer's filming. I'm still not certain what the crenelations should be like or how to make them, but as you'll see I snipped around and turned some upward for crenelations and some down for machiolations. And of course a banner.

Taillevent has you put some meat on top to hold everything in and the banner in place, but I really wanted a more finished look on top, so I made a lid. And further filled it will very gelatinous stock so it hold together a bit better.

Inside is a wonderful combination of cooked finely chopped pork shoulder witha  bit of fat, raisins soaked in port, pine nuts, cinnamon, mace and nutmeg, pepper. The filling is exquisite.

The crust is a hot water suet with water and both whole wheat and bread flours. Letting it cool now!


خبير سيو الرياض said...
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Anonymous said...

So, how was the pie?

Ken Albala said...

Delicious. Suet crust isn't good right out of the fridge though. (The way butter is.) It gets hard.

Hana said...

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Andrew Martin said...


The most amazing food creation you've ever produced. I am richer for glimpsing her and imagining storming such a redoubt; poorer knowing I will never know the savor of conquest. She is impregnable. Bravo, Ken!

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