Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fermented Akara BLT

About a week ago I was walking downtown (Stockton) and found a Caribbean/West African grocery on Harding. I've seen it before but I'd never been down here on foot. Stopped in and found akara flour. I'd made them before from black eyed peas, and they made it into either my beans book or pancake. But I'd never made them from flour. I mixed up a batch, fried in palm oil. My son and I said, eh, ok. Even with peanut sauce. SO I left the batter on the counter to ferment for about 5 or 6 days. Beautifully sour. Fried up a batch today, like little pancakes in a pan. Then what to do with them? Japanese was my first thought, since a fermented bean should go wonderfully with fish. But then it hit me. A proper BLT. It is SO nice with the sour bean fritter. What a slider!


C.M. Mayo said...


Hassan Sadiq Himex said...

Looks so crisp and delicious....It's making me hungry.

Danny Kelly Bicester said...

It's a treasure in the morning that's so sumptuous for breakfast!

Suzan Baker said...

This is a perfect combo. It must have tasted better.
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