Monday, January 4, 2016

Pine Noodle Soup

Pine was speaking to me all day, it was in my dreams last night, I noticed some in a vase in the kitchen, and then some pine tar soap arrived in the mail. I had to try to turn pine into noodle soup. The broth is very simple, just chicken broth blended with pine nuts, which is stunningly delicious. Then I thought, much as mastic is used in baked goods, I would crush hard pine resin (i.e. gum) with sugar and just add it to flour and water. I tried pounding pine needles to make them green, but that didn't work, so I used matcha tea powder.

Noodles rolled out, cooked for a minute or two in the broth and garnished with a sprig. It's alluring if you like pine, though I admit, I used 6 small grains with a cup of flour, next time I would use 3. It's a little overpowering, but interestingly chewy exactly like mastic spoon sweets. Hmm.

Need something to do with your Christmas Tree??


Deana Sidney said...

Aftelier has a lovely essence of Pine. I am slightly mad for her fir and the pine is lovely too. I am going to try a pine risotto... mmm with something wild like smoked boar bits for smoke and flavor..

Anonymous said...

Wow, as always Ken! I remember on a Heston B Christmas special he did some magic with the SMELL of pine as part of the feast....