Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I don't think these are supposed to go in soup in the Valtellina, but they are seriously dense earthy buckwheat noodles. They're in a beefy broth with shreds of cabbage, a few mushrooms and then as a nod to their Japanese cousins, just a dab of red miso in the soup. I couldn't resist a little parmigiano before eating. It's really does work.

I'm also guessing that soba noodles would work in the same context, though with more Northern Italian flavors. Maybe even a dash of tomato paste.

I love mixing and matching flavors in noodle soups. New combinations are coming to me every morning.

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Dear Ken, do you know of any research done into how the italian diet was affected by the formation of Italy in 1861 and how the state subsequently used food to engender patriotism among the 'new' Italians. Thanks, George

Ken Albala said...

Yes, there's a ton written about this. Pizza Margherita is a very good example of a food fabricated specifically for patriotic reasons. Maybe start with Fabio Parasecoli's histories of food in Italy.