Sunday, August 18, 2013


Some of you will say, OH, that looks so ugly. Yes it does. Some will say, oh quite gloppy, dark and terrifying. Well sure it is. But if you have your own 12 hour stock on hand, are you just going to add butter and drizzle it on a piece of bland naked meat? I say no. I say brown some oxtails and let it braise as low as long as you can with aromatic vegetables. The effect is not unlike osso bucco, but the depth of flavor is so intense and pure, that it shoots straight into you brain. There MUST be a very strong jammy zin to go with this. And if you have dogs, give them the bones. I have never seen anything better defining contentment as this.


Deana Sidney said...

Jammy + meaty = heaven

Female Vibrators said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

We met briefly at Renaissance. I was up at 5:30 this morning picking olives from my trees. I noticed small dark spots on virtually all the fruit. Is this a problem?
You suggest a brine of 3-5% for up to a year. I notice that this is very close to the salinity of seawater. Is this just a coincidence? Can I use seawater?
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Michelle Snyder said...

Well it's my point of view that even horrible looking foods tastes great!

RUSSFIRE said...

Dad, some guy grabbed the crock pot and a fork and ran off giggling. I did not catch the street address. Homer Simpson imitation (braised meats) yum