Friday, January 11, 2013

Hong Kong

If you happen to find yourself if Hong Kong, as I did recently, you will be struck by the proliferation of a particular bright shop selling packages of what seem to be candy, everywhere. Literally hundreds of shops: in the airport, in the malls, on the streets. If you look for information about the shop (Aji Ichiban) you will find that there were once several shops in the US, and perhaps a few still survive. Seek one out at any cost. Now look closely at what they actually sell. Little dried nubbins of various species of guts. Here is Tripe, chicken feet, duck kidney, neck, tendon. On a menu once might expect to find these, and I did everywhere. They were delicious. The cuisine was magnificently laden with offal, heads, feet, skin, bird intestines, stinky fish... But in little kid-sized snack packs? For nibbling at school, work, or while on the road? You HAVE to love this. I do.