Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pizza Madness

Somehow I think this speaks for itself. If you're going to make pizza, you might as well do it big time. There's classic pepperoni, the rabe and tuna, a pickled pork and sauerkraut up front, which turned out fabulous, and others included coppa which I found at the back of the cave, asparagus and a slew of other vegs. Arranging them all first this way made it easier to load and unload in the oven and take down the block to a party. There's still more, anyone free tonight?


Linda Civitello said...

And what do you do in your spare time, Ken. Alas, I'm not w/in driving distance. Also, I am never free, although I am often ridiculously cheap.

Deana Sidney said...

How do you make that much dough??? You are a wonder... a cooking machine.

Ken Albala said...

The dough was pretty scary. It was about 15 pounds of flour dry, so hydrated 3 times that or so? I'm sure a pizzeria puts out exponentially greater amounts every night, but it is pretty exhilarating at home.