Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Coteghino

If you can believe it, this was an accident. About a year ago I made a coteghino (aka skin sausage) and wasn't planning on doing it again. But I just a got a new knife, a lovely curved Buffalo Skinner from J. Russell & Co. which I am told is not stainless steel. So I needed something with skin to remove, hence some slabs of pork belly now curing into bacon. The skin came off easily. And a tongue is curing too. (Long story, but a tongue that was impossible to peel went into an Olla Podrida the other day in Fullerton, and so I'm into the tongue thing.) Anyway, the finely chopped skin was mixed with pork and went into this wonderfully baroque middle, which curved right around itself into this remarkably obscene form. Lots of fennel. I think I will bring it Darrell Corti's next weekend. I also baked a few monstrous breads for my class, made a little cheese, who knows what else. Every day should be such as this.


Jeremy said...

A month ago I made some beef tongue pastrami, which wasn't as good as brisket but was still tasty.
Yesterday I smoked 5 lbs bacon, put another 5 lbs into the cure, and started 2 gallons of sauerkraut. It was a good day.

Ken Albala said...

Jeremy, that sounds like a perfect day to me. Did you smoke the tongue? I've had mixed results doing that and think it works better just cured and boiled gently.

Jeremy said...

I did smoke the tongue for about four hours. It had a nice smoky taste to go with the crusted pepper and coriander.

CJ - Food Stories said...

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Fiona Lopez said...

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