Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three Beautiful Dishes

I have had some absolutely unmitigated disasters recently. So to console myself, I hope you will indulge me, by ogling at three ordinary weekday meals I cooked recently. The first a regular steamed Asian shrimp dumpling, ginger, soy, sesame, etc. with a twist of cameron molido. Made it softer inside, saltier, but didn't quite stick together with a toothsome bite as ordinarily. But still splendid. Serve with soy and black vinegar dipping sauce.

Then a Shepherd's Pie. Lamb shoulder coarsely chopped with herbs, and carrots, celery, onion, a lot of wine, and with a kind of latke fried first and then put on top. It prevented the whole thing from going soggy on top. Oh yes, and I threw in zataar, sumac, cumin and pomegranate syrup. Why not? Gorgeous. Even after a few days, as leftovers. To swoon for.

Then tonight, on the grill, in a paella pan, roasted fennel bulbs, grapefruit segments, capers, then jalapenos, tomatoes, and shrimp. Some fresh oregano, parsley, holy basil. What more could you want? A side of couscous. Just rocked.


Hunger and Thirst said...

Looks like I've got a meat pie in my future. That crust looks great, and I've got the top of my chest freezer covered in drying sumac.

Deana Sidney said...

Gorgeous... and may I add... that pottery is wonderful, yours???

I sometimes have runs of dishes that turn out poorly... usually when I am not in the mood to cook. When they say your heart isn't in something... well, it's true. there's a mojo to cooking. Even pro's lose it from time to time... your's was on for these babies... yum.

Jeremy said...

Not a comment on your post, but I just tried my attempt at caseless 'nduja. It's blander than I expected but it will probably cook up nicely as house-made spam. I'll bring some to the class on Friday.

Ken Albala said...

Ms. Butter, The key to crispy potatoes on top is to grate, squeeze out the water, but save the potato starch and put it back in. Then fry or just plop on top of the pot.

And yes, Deana, I threw those.

And Jeremy, Did I know you were coming Friday?? Cool. I'll bring some of the duja I made, if they're still good. Raw.

Deborah Baraocas said...

I love adding ground coriander, and a little nutmeg to my "Shepherds Pie", among other ingredients. It marries beautifully with the lamb, and makes it taste like it's fit for royality. Something about dressing meat with certain spices, brings an allure of " Medieval Times" in my kitchen. Now Pomegranate and sumac. Wow!!! Exotic for sure. I must taste that other spice you mentioned.