Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alaskan Yellow Eye

I live in a place where, for reasons I cannot fathom, the very idea of whitefish is utterly unknown. I mean smoked whitefish, sold whole, pretty much anywhere food is to be found, on the East Coast. Shrivelled, with a shellac hue of skin, fragrantly fishy and oily. In it's perfect form, with just a touch of mayo on a bagel. I know you will cringe here - a cinnamon raisin bagel.

That, this is not. But rather a species I think called Yellow Eye, a slab given to be by Wild Bill, my history department compatriot, who caught him in Alaska. I smoked it yesterday with some wild salmon, and what you see before you is, I must admit, much better than whitefish. The capers aren't bad either. Now if I could only get a real bagel in this wasteland.


kryssie's daily photo said...

whitefish salad was one of my evil indulgences when I worked in the deli. Freehold had a lot of Jewish clientele and we always had it in stock. When our orders came in from Acme I tried and tried to resist but it's so sweet and smoky when it's fresh I always ended up with a bagel and a nice helping of whitefish. Fattening!!!! Now I live down here in Manchester in Leisure Village West. This place if filled with Jews and Italians, with a sprinkling of Irish and others mixed in. You would think the stores down here would be filled with good Kosher and good Italian food. But no way! Our only bagel store says they don't order Whitefish Salad because there was no demand. aaahhhhh!!!! I'm going to have to try to find a deli in Lakewood.

Ken Albala said...

Lakewood would sure be the place! Apparently this is what my mother fed me as a baby. Such flavors last with you for life I suppose.

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That, that is not. But instead a species I think named Yellow Eye, a slab offered for getting by Wild Bill, my track record division compatriot, who caught him in Alaska. I smoked it yesterday with some wild salmon.
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