Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Splendid Table

HEY Folks, Starting Tomorrow Night you can download an interview with me on NPR's The Splendid Table with Lynne Rosetto Kasper. I think it's the best food show out there.

ALSO, just in today, a very nice review on culinate (that really sounds like a dirty verb to me) nonetheless:

and another on

BTW, the effect of these was immediate. Sunday afternoon the book is #496 on amazon. Only behind Pollan in this category. THANKS LYNNE! And Kind Reviewers.

nope make that #398 as of 5:30


Deana Sidney said...

terribly exciting!!! It is a great show and I just can't wait to listen>> thanks for the reminder.

Heather said...

I really like that show, too, but I only catch it in the car. I always forget I can just listen online.

Fresh Local and Best said...

I can't wait to listen! Her show gets broadcasted here Sunday nights in New York.

Ken Albala said...

We don't actually get it on our NPR station, but it's easy enough to find on line. Somehow I think if I could drive to work and hear all the best food shows, wouldn't that be loverly?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Splendid Table again!

I've ordered your book and no doubt will track down your other books in the fullness of time.
I am new to the blog scene.
I am enjoying yours and am glad there is an archive I can dig into.
NPR on the computer is a huge
convenience. There are times when I am traveling and the sound of Lynn Rosetta Kaspar's voice is just what I need. Jane and Michael Stern. Now you.
I love to read in general. Food writing at its best is great literature, sometimes to the point that I forget to eat. Such irony!
I am still acquiring books by John
Thorne, so welcome to my world, and
thank you for a chance to learn about your world.


Sustainable Eats said...

good job! Still waiting to add a few more things to my amazon list so I can checkout with your book! xo, Sustainable Eats

Garden Variety Mama said...

I first heard about your book on the Splendid Table. Bought it, loved it, and now have a sourdough starter in progress! I reviewed it on my blog here: