Thursday, February 26, 2009


There are some words which should just be stricken from the English language. This one tops my list. Conjure the image now. There is someone squatting over the stockpot while it gently simmers. Little dumps. Float to the top, and they're ready.

So, I propose, as with so many other words, that we invent them anew. Borrowing from other languages if necessary. The Dutch in this instance could lend us the word turdkin. Isn't that cute? Or the French with a hearty crapette. Deux crapettes sur la plate, avec du beurre et persillade. Doesn't that sound savory? Or why not the Italians who give us parmesan-laced poopini. I can see them now in the refrigerator section of your favorite grocery. Poopini Puttanesca. Or how about German Scheißbollchen mit Speck und Kraut. Now if I could remember the dimuntive in Russian correctly.... Шицники (Shitsniki)?

Someone help me here.


We Are Never Full said...


i'm going to start calling my husband that.

Heather said...

You crack me up, Ken.

Lo said...

Heavens, Ken! I'll never think of dumpling in quite the same way again.

And ze poopini?? Did they serve that up in the Godfather?

kryssie's daily photo said...

Spotted Dick always gave me a chuckle.

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