Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Pickled Carrot, Jalapeno and Onion Noodle in Almond Cream-Dashi

The method: put a chunk of stale homemade sourdough bread in a small piece of cheesecloth with some whole wheat berries and dried beans. put in jar, add salt water, peeled black carrots and a small onion, one sliced japaleno. Cover wait one week. it may spray upon opening. Peel carrots into shreds and dehydrate with sliced onion and chili. next day grind into powder. Add the same volume of bread flour and enough egg to bind. Roll out and cut into noodles. Then take a handful of blanched raw almonds and put in a blender, and pour in a few cups of hot dashi stock (katsuobushi flakes and kombu, brewed like tea) till you have a smooth cream. Boil noodles 1 minute and place on top of hot almond dashi cream. period.


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