Sunday, March 5, 2017

Noodle Soup: Recipes, Techniques, Obsession

After months of haggling, I finally have a title! I like it. Simple, to the point, and no misleading obscurities such as you often find in academic titles. "She Slurps Forth: The Poststructural Hermeneutics of Lacanian Noodling In Situ" or how about "Under the Broth: A Prolegomenon the Future Metaphysics of Noodle Hegemony"


Elise Fleming/Alys K. said...

How about "Using Your Noodle to Make Noodles"?

Kiersten Hoyal said...

I listen to your lecture Food: a Culinary history and every time i learn more. I am excited to make noodles and wish I was closer to attend one of your lectures. Thank you so much, your passion for food is so inspiring and motivates me in the kitchen! Do you have a bread recipe like the noodles?
thanks again,
Kiersten Young Toledo Ohio

Ken Albala said...

Kiersten, YES, I've been backing for years, Check out the Lost Art of Real Cooking and its sequel. Much of it is about serious bread.

Kiersten Hoyal said...

Thank you I look forward to trying the recipes!