Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marbelized Noodle Experiment #1

Marbelizing technique works nicely with thick colored batters. This is a plain flour batter base with lines of tomato and olive batter piped on top, feathered through with a toothpick. I then dehydrated them. I should have cut them before completely dry. These were broken into pieces. In any case, maybe the even greater discovery, apart from the pattern is that you can make an ultrathin noodle my spreading batter and drying it.

I'll have be a little more careful and deliberate with this, next time should work perfectly.


WireMonkey said...

I just realized- hasn't it been a year of noodles already? Wasn't that how long you were going to be doing noodle dishes?

Ken Albala said...

It's been nearly TWO years!! I need a damned contract!

WireMonkey said...

Well, speaking for myself I certainly enjoy seeing this project keep going. Also, I'm sure you have plenty on your plate as it is (no pun intended) but if you ever decide to do a post on hand pulled noodles I'd be very interested.

There was an episode of Cooking Issues where Dave Arnold spitballed about the differences between traditionally kneaded (ie, hand pulled, banged on the table, twisted, etc.) and mechanically kneaded (ie, bashed up in a mixer) hand pulled noodles. I've only tried mechanically kneading, then pulling noodles (also, without lye water) and it would be cool to see a counterpoint in English.

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