Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Messisbugo's maccheroni alla Napoletana

This is a seriously strange noodle, with breadcrumbs, flour, rosewater, eggs and sugar. It dates to 1549. Very easy to roll out without gluten development, but also quite soft when cooked. Not al dente in the least. But its really the sugar that throws you off. Especially cooked in a rich duck broth, as I did. I'm cooking this dish at the NY Academy of Medicine for a festival October 17th. I hope people like it. I'm not so sure myself!


Juana Isabella/Donna said...

Hi Ken, does Messisbugo say to cook these in duck broth, or is that your choice on this? Just curious. Thanks, Donna

Ken Albala said...

Yes, look right at the text. Chicken or duck. Yummy!

Ken Albala said...

OH, no I take that back. He just says in fat broth and then serve with chicken or duck on it. In either case, this seems like a fair interpretation.