Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brandy #2

Within a few days of the crush, the must will begin to bubble and will give off a faint aroma of wine. It smells absolutely luscious at this point. Feel free to taste it now too. But don't forget to push down the cap twice a day. This is all the skins and pits which rise up to the top. I just pushed it down and mixed it in. The skins will give color, tannins and flavor to the must, so you want to leave them on for the whole two weeks. Though of course the color will be gone once it's distilled, the aroma and flavor of the grapes will come through in the end. As long as you don't distill it many times and strip it of all flavor!


deana sidney said...

I have some plums and was wondering about making something with them... perhaps using marc or cheap brandy to do the soak... your thoughts.

Myrrh said...

This is so cool. I'm going to link this to my friend who's interested in making brandies at home now that he has neighbors with more grapes than they know what to do with.

Ken Albala said...

Sure, And Myrrh, I haven't forgot about the nuts book. Still not in print, but I finished the index last week! Ken