Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grain Alcohol Day

I've been tasting fruit this past week from the roof dehydrator. It all came out nicely, very tart, chewy, serious plums, tomatoes and nectarines. And it then stuck me, why not go a step further? It must have been the limoncello recipe I was working on the other day. Why not toss everything into grain alcohol? I got a few little jars, you can see here in the center. Then I got carried away. The last meyer lemon on the tree with bay leaves and dried kumquats. Some shallots, ginger and lemon. Whole fresh tomatoes. Who knows? Some jars with spices like grains of paradise, cassia buds and long pepper. Went through 2 bottles. I have no idea which will be more interesting either, the fruit or the hooch.


lostpastremembered said...

I've been using grain alcohol a lot... for ferns and ambergris... interesting progress. let me know how yours works?!>!>

Ken Albala said...

Ah! Ambergris in the alcohol? Can you just throw it in, or does it sit there like a lump of wax?

lostpastremembered said...

Grate it on a microplane... after about 2 months it is ready and can be used ... gets stronger as you wait up to about 6 months. I used very little in a little caviar jar with the alcohol.
Also, the fern was especially cool for the first few weeks since it was a violent green... spectacular. Now it is a nice brown/green... the scent is interesting... need to find out if I can use it or if it will make me sick... cool added to perfume though!!

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does it sit there like a lump of wax
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