Thursday, December 23, 2010


After a recent discussion about the pleasures and perils of eels, I decided to share some of my friends. Ceci ne'st pas un eel. Not even eels, nor even elvers. Isn't that the cutest name? No, they're basically noodles in oil, vaguely garlic and fish flavored, sold to Spanish people as baby eel surimi. Replete with a little silvery stripe down one side. Who are they kidding? Don't buy it.

And alas, we are told not to buy the endangered Anguilla anguilla, close relative of Magilla gorilla, which some people, like our friend Janet, live in mortal fear of. Along with dangling prepositions. Is it anything dangling perhaps, asks Dr. Freud? Sometimes a pipe is just an... eel.
Well, this beauty is my friend Harold. Part pet since I've had him so long and say hi every morning. Yes, there was a Maude. I ate her. Harold, is now old dried up, smoked too much. So I haven't the heart to let him go. But I do take him for walks every now and then. See the leash? In case he wants to snap at friends.


Marty Martindale said...

Last year, I was in a beautiful mall in Funchal, Madeira, and a local security person had just warned me to take no more pictures. Being in Portugal, I wanted to look over the seafood/fish area in the supermarket there, and it was no disappointment. Spread across the bright, white chipped ice was a whole conger eel in all its brilliantly-colored splendor. Gorgeous! No pix, however.

Ken Albala said...

How Bizarre! What is it, a national security issue? Or is it really against the law to sell?

What I want to see for sale is a lamprey!

lostpastremembered said...

Wanted to stop by and say happy happy to you too... and your Addam's family-style pet eel... right up my alley!

I ate eel for the first time in Japan. I had told everyone at the table I would never touch it... it was secretly served, I ate it and swooned and everyone at the table broke up laughing... I have loved it ever since... and come on... how can you feel bad eating something so... well, UGLY!!!

Not so with my gorgeous Dublin horses... everyone needs to open their pocket books (shameless, but for a good cause) and help them out.

Tell me, are you doing eels for Christmas or another goose delight?????

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

I miss eels! Every fall I would wait until the first full moon after a big October rain. This was the signal for the eels to rush down the Rappahannock, and for me to load up!

Eel is one of my favorite fish to eat - firm, snow white, just a little rich from oil. But one word of advice, should you catch your own anguilla: NEVER net it. It will ball up and destroy your net in a Gordian Knot of slime. No bueno.

Ken Albala said...

Rappahannock Rapa Nui. One of my favorite words. Not as good as Monongahela, but still. IN case I ever find my self with an eel, I will not net it! This guy came from the Asian grocery.

tasteofbeirut said...

My son ate a plate of eels at a japanese joint when he was 9 years old, but i would not touch it; last fall in Beirut I saw some in the basket of a fisherman and did not think they looked any more appealing. Your post, however, is entertaining!

seersucker suit said...

Ew what is that?honestly so yucky.

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