Saturday, January 31, 2009

This little piggie went to market

Ave porcina, herbarum plena, cocta pro nobis!
How this came to pass I can't quite say. Christine asks if I'd like to cook, and next thing I know there a little piggie in the backyard, with the sweetest face. Christine tells me the farm was lovely and the pigs ran around very happily.
Alas, she did not fit on my spit, and too long for the fireplace. Nor was there enough time to dig a pit. So it had to be the oven. And she filled the entire space. Not so little of piggie, over 30 pounds!
I marinated her in lime, chilies, onion, cilantro and cumin. And a beer. Then just popped her in the oven for about 4 hours. And the flavor was truly surprising. Delicate, light. More like turkey than any pork I've tasted. Good, unctuous and moist turkey. But definitely a white meat. The skin was crackly too, yummy crunchy ears, and I even got some tail.
And the company, as always, marvellous. The Hoodies polished off maybe half. Any ideas for leftovers? I wonder if the head can be made into testa after roasting.


Nathan said...


I've not seen such a beautiful sight since I lived in Southern Italy, where (as I'm sure you are well aware) wild boar is a tasty forest treat. While the mortals supped on delicious, tender pork flesh, I am fully convinced the gods were equally pleased with the soothing odor.


peter said...

Oh, MAN. Pulled pork, terrines, rillettes, broth- the mind reels.

We Are Never Full said...







the ideas are swimming around in my head. this picture is a thing of beauty. one day when i leave this small, brooklyn apartment we WILL roast our own pig.

Ken Albala said...

Well, you dear friends ought to show up for dinner. Nobody in my house is eating the makeshift headcheese. It tastes like turkey in gravy. Solidified. Ok, so there are some eyeballs and brains in it. But tastewise, nothing odd at all. Grr.

Heather said...

Ooh, I know one little piggie that most certainly did not go "whee, whee, whee" all the way home.

This is what I want to do this summer, instead of a 100lb sow. Just a couple widdle piddies. Might keep a leg for hanging.

Mmm....brains and eyeballs...

jesse said...

WOW. @_@ I'm torn between salivating over the gorgeous brown colour of the pork and getting squeamish at the sight of that head!

Lo said...

Oh, wow.
Give me any parts of this pig you wanna give me, Ken. I'm all aboutit.

Ken Albala said...

Jesse, Your comments are always my favorite!!

But I do owe thanks exclusivelt to Heather-Godess.

Thank you all dear friends.

And all the rest of you who tell me you;'ve seem this stuff, take your clue from these lovely people and leave a comment!

m said...

That looks disgusting and just wrong. Your description is hideous!

Carol Price Spurling said...

Ken, next time I'm in California I'm coming over for dinner, okay? Carol

man suit said...

I love this but I don't like the cholesterol.

Prachi Chawla said...

this is so inhuman