Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Welcome to my Food Rant

Welcome to my new blog, started on a whim at 5:45 AM Tuesday May 22nd, 2007. Expect a totally eclectic melange of random food history, culinary anecdotes and gastronomic silliness. All the things I feel compelled to write, and which may eventually show up somewhere in one of my books.



Chrissy said...

Ken, it was nice to learn about your experiences before you became a professor. I unlike you, never wanted to work with food. I always enjoyed cooking and trying new exotic recipes, but never wanted it to be my life. However, because of fate and love, I found myself getting divorced and needed a part-time job with benefits. It was only supposed to be temporary to get on my feet, since I had already worked 12 years in the court systems. But eleven years later the food job from hell lingers on. Yes, Shoprite is hell. I, a non believer, now believe Satan exists in the form of a deli manager. I hate working in the deli, it's not the highly processed "meats" or even the "cheese food" I hate, but the customers. The never satisfied always in a rush customers. I wonder if grumpy old people were grumpy young people. The one part of my job I do love is setting up the Olive Bar and taking care of the specialty cheeses. It has exposed me to many things I might not have tried otherwise, like $20 a pound Pierre Robert or green olives with herbs. Sneaking pieces of imported fig cake sometimes puts in ecstasy. So while I love the food, I could do without the job. I envy you Ken, that you ended up with a great career in something you truly love.

Gary said...

Oddly tasty -- exactly as I suspected it to be.

I assume the CIA for which you're writing is NOT the one in VA. Who are you working with there (I worked at their Hyde Park campus for some 13 years myself)?

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